Episodes 3 & 4

Featuring Forest Falls and Kathryn Radcliffe

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Join Melbourne’s jazz chanteuse Jade Leonard as she hosts the premier season of ‘The Musician Speaks’ to be broadcast on Channel 31.

Featuring dynamic Melbourne folk band, Forest Falls and winner of the Herald Sun Aria, operatic soprano Kathryn Radcliffe.

Episode 3: Kathryn Radcliffe


Episode 4: Forest Falls

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  • Continuing a weekly celebration of The Musician Speaks with Jade Leonard two year anniversary. Episode two starred the incomparable Joe Chindamo. Check out his virtuosic pianistic skills right here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/O-XrKPAAkD8

    January 02

  • More amazing news from Kathryn Radcliffe. Congratulations!

    August 02