About Jade

Independent musician Jade Leonard has a big vision. Her latest brainchild, The Musician Speaks, is a 30 minute music performance television program featuring the creme of the Australian and international music scene.

Jade is creating a performance platform for television that currently does not exist in the Australian market, celebrating the musical genius that exists but we often do not get to see and hear.

Each episode features one extraordinarily talented musician or ensemble who have the opportunity to tell you their story in their own time. Through songs they are invited to tell us any story of their choosing. The story could also be told through their unreleased songs, songs that have inspired them, changed them or impacted their career or life. You’ll have to watch to find out!

Season One will comprise six episodes which will be aired on Channel 31 early 2015. All shows are filmed in front of a live studio audience at The Maven Room and you can be a part of the studio audience, to commemorate the internationally renowned artists and, at the same time, honour the part C31 has played in the development of the Australian entertainment industry. Tickets to watch the live tapings are available here (link to ticketing page on TMS website).

Jade, an independent artist with over 15 years’ experience, is determined to showcase amazing musicians on the show she has been developing. Only 30 lucky people will have the chance to be part of the intimate live performance.

“I saw there was a missing opportunity for musicians, there is no extended broadcast performance platform for them to tell a multi-song story and celebrate their uniqueness, so I’ve decided to create that. My guests will have the chance to play several tunes, sharing hidden talents and revealing things which have inspired and impacted their music and lives”, Jade says passionately.

Ranging from genres like contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, cabaret and pop, guests will perform songs and collaborate with Jade, while sharing their story.

Jade intends it to be one big celebration.

“I want to really discover something new and unknown about my guests and have the audience join us on that journey. This kind of performance space does not currently exist on Australian telly. I’m so grateful that Channel 31 has offered me the chance to make my dream a reality,” Jade muses.

“I am looking forward to revealing more sensational guests soon,” Jade says, with her big trademark smile.

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This show will take you on a journey of discovery of musicians you know and some you won’t. Prepare to be moved and inspired!

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